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Purchase of cars Warsaw Śródmieście

Our car purchase is interested in almost every functional used car. It can be both a passenger car, a bus delivery van, or even a TIR. Our company has been operating for many years for Drivers from Warsaw and other towns of the Masovian Voivodeship.

Purchase of cars in Warsaw Śródmieście

Thanks to very good opinions among drivers in Warsaw, our car purchase in Warsaw Śródmieście


it supports even several dozen drivers per month. We provide car purchase services that accept virtually every model and brand of car in its resources. is one of the most important activities of our automotive company, which is part of a professional automotive group. 

If you want to sell a car, you've come to the right place. Submit your car for sale to us and you will get the best price. We will pay you in cash or by bank transfer, if you prefer. Our strengths are a quick and fair valuation, without underestimating the value of the car and looking for problems where there are none. Purchase of cars for cash Warsaw and its vicinity invites you!

Warsaw welcomes you with the purchase of used cars. Our main activity is the purchase of used cars in Warsaw. We buy cars from all over Warsaw and the surrounding area. We encourage you to contact not only people from Warsaw, but also from other cities of the Masovian Voivodeship.


Valuation form

Guarantee of satisfaction in Warsaw Śródmieście


First of all, we provide free access to the inspection and free car valuation. Our valuation is fair because we are not artificially lowering the value. That's why you can trust us. With us, you will finalize the transaction quickly and safely, and we will buy your car on the basis of a purchase and sale agreement.

Fast action

We are determined, so we usually make decisions quickly, ensuring a minimum of formalities! Based on many years of experience, we are able to meet all customer expectations and offer them the best prices for buying cars in and around Warsaw. Purchase of cars Warszawa Śródmieście - take advantage of our offer if you have a used car for sale.

Quick quote

We will evaluate your car in a maximum of 24 hours. Use our contact form or simply call us. We are at your full disposal.

Cash in hand

We pay for cars in cash immediately after completing all formalities. At the customer's request, we can also make a transfer.

Any car brand

We accept virtually every car model and brand. If you want to sell a car quickly, do not hesitate and will contact our purchase in Warsaw.

Purchase of cars in Warsaw Śródmieście

You will not find a better place to sell your used car in the capital. Our autoskup Warsaw this place is proven, reliable and very liked by the drivers from Warsaw and other towns of the Mazowieckie voivodship. we invite everyone who wants to sell a car quickly and efficiently, legally and without negative consequences. We can drive you to the place and price the car, as well as pick it up from you. We also invite you to our headquarters, which is located at ul. Modlińska 381a in Warsaw.

We accept all brands and models

We accept all brands and models of cars, including American and English cars with a steering wheel on the right side. We are a company that will fairly evaluate your car and pay for it immediately. We care about the comfort of our clients, which is why we ensure a minimum of formalities related to the entire transaction.

We value our time and yours, so the entire transaction is carried out instantly, without unnecessary and additional paperwork.

we are trusted by drivers from Warsaw and other towns in Mazovia. Join our satisfied customers today!