What to do when the car catches fire?

What to do when the car catches fire

Due to flammable liquids, several flammable components and complicated electrical wiring, a car fire is a fairly common hazard. A car fire can be fatal given the possibility of damaging critical vehicle components. Therefore, it is important to know the causes leading to a car fire to prevent them. Knowing what to do if your car catches fire is also just as important. Read on, […]

5 signs you may have a problem with the car's suspension

Sometimes it is difficult to diagnose suspension problems in cars. Symptoms may be present but are easily confused with something else or may appear gradually and are therefore considered normal. Identifying warning signals for suspension system problems can mean the difference between major and minor repairs. SUSPENSION SYSTEM Your car's suspension system is assembled and [...]

Broken air conditioning in the car. What could be the reason?

Air conditioning is a standard nowadays not a luxury. When it's high summer and the outside temperature rises, the last thing you want is to get stuck in a car blowing hot air through its vents ... or in a car with an air conditioning that doesn't blow at all. Although we do not live in a very warm climate, there are months when the temperature [...]

A few things you shouldn't do if you're renting a car

Renting a car is such a common part of travel that you might think the process would be simple and transparent - however somehow it is not possible. Many travelers don't know how to rent a car without making some common mistakes. Do I have to take out additional insurance? What about paying to refuel your car? I hear terrifying stories of false compensation claims; should i be concerned IN […]

What are the symptoms of damaged unit injectors?

Fuel injectors, or unit injectors, play a key role in a vehicle. They control the amount and length of time the fuel enters the combustion chamber during operation, thus ensuring optimal combustion and efficiency. However, without proper maintenance, fuel injectors can cause some problems, such as: Developing mechanical problems Developing electrical problems (crashes when receiving commands from ECU - [...]

How do car purchases work?

Purchase of cars is a place where we can sell our used car quickly and efficiently, without unnecessary formalities. What makes this solution good for you? About it in the article below. How do buying used cars work? Let's start with what cash car purchases are. These are companies that buy back used cars and [...]

How to scrap a car and earn on it?

The sad day when the cost of repairing a car turns out to be more than it really is worth can inevitably come with any vehicle. The pragmatic driver generally has to take a deep breath and say goodbye old friend. Time to scrap your car. There are exceptions when car scrapping may not be the best idea. For example, if your car is rare or highly valued [...]

What is a catalyst and why do we need it?

The average car has many parts - around 30 - each with a specific function. From simple bolts and nuts that tie everything together, to the engine itself, every car is a complex combination of these parts. So when it comes to a catalytic converter, you probably know it's part of the car, but you don't know what you need it for. You can […]

5 essential steps to keep your car going for years to come

As a nation, it seems that most of us are understandably cautious about car maintenance ourselves. According to the survey, only one in five Poles feels very confident in maintaining their car, while half of the respondents said that they only touched on the basics. One fifth of them (20%) stated that they are not able to [...]

Should I replace the timing gear after buying a used car?

If you have bought a used car with more than 100 km, there is a very important, often overlooked obligation to take into account. Maybe you have found a suitable car in your price range. One of the next steps is to check if your vehicle has a timing chain or belt as timing belt repair is a significant expense. What is a bar [...]